Investing in Latin American tech

entrepreneurs with global ambitions

We are early-stage investors. Our purpose is simple yet profound: we exist to closely support visionary projects and ambitious entrepreneurs with the potential to scale globally. What sets us apart is not just our capital, but our dedicated team.

We characterize ourselves by commitment, seriousness, and rigorous work ethic. We don’t just invest. We immerse ourselves in the journeys of the people and projects we support, ensuring that every step of the way, we’re there, fully involved and dedicated.

We look for worldwide mindsets, with regional roots

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Partnering with exceptional tech founders for a better future for Latam. Join us on the journey.


Our passion lies in fostering brilliant ideas.
We enjoy working hand in hand with dedicated
founders to overcome obstacles
and elevate innovative solutions to new heights.


Every milestone in the journey is a cause
for celebration as we collectively shape a
transformative future.

What define us


What industries do you invest in?

We are agnostic generalist investors. Currently, our portfolio is distributed across companies in the Fintech, SaaS, logistics, Proptech, biotechnology, healthcare, and Climatech sectors.

Do you exclusively invest in Latin American startups?

We invest in Spanish-speaking Latin American startups (meaning Brazil is excluded). Although we have funded companies with founders from other backgrounds, there must be at least one person on the founding team who is Latin American.

Does the startup need to be based in Latin America?

Not necessarily. The company can be based elsewhere in the world, but it must have Latin American founders (at least one). Currently, we have startups in our portfolio with their main offices in the US and the UK.

Why do you have a restriction on Latin America?

We firmly believe that through innovative solutions and the use of technology, we can create a positive impact in the region and improve the quality of life for its inhabitants. We seek entrepreneurs who generate a local impact, but that doesn’t mean they must have the dream of scaling globally and conquering other regions.

What stages do you invest in?

We invest in early stages, which generally means we support companies in their pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A rounds.

What do we need to do if we want Fën to invest in us?

You must complete the form found on this webpage, and based on that information, we at Fën will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if it aligns with our investment thesis. If it does, we will contact you to arrange an initial meeting.

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